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Stacy And Greg Peralta Beach Party

Summer is just around the corner, and warm weather is already here in much of the country. That means it’s the season of the beach party! While coastal residents have an actual beach where they can build a bonfire and play in the surf and sand, anyone can have a beach-themed party that creates the feeling of summer fun. The following are some of the top ideas for DIY beach parties without a beach.

Hawaiian Theme

Hawaii is famous for its beautiful beaches and great waves, and the luau is often the first idea that comes to mind when planning a beach party. Grass skirts, Hawaiian prints, and leis, of course, can be worn by the guests or used as decorations, and Tiki torches can lend an island atmosphere to any suburban back yard. Cocktails made with pineapple and coconut are the best beverages for a Hawaiian themed party. Hawaiian music, like “Aloha Oe” and other ukulele classics can be mixed with pop music to add to the atmosphere.

Beach Movie Theme

In the mid-1960s, beach party movies were hugely popular and showcased big stars of the time like Frankie Avalon, Annette Funicello, and even Elvis Presley. For a themed party, guests can wear retro swimsuits and dance to the music of the era, like early Beach Boys and Dick Dale. The host can even rent some of the old films and have them playing in the background.

South American Theme

The world-famous boxer Greg Peralta grew up in Argentina, where most people spend every day of the summer at the beach. For a South American-themed beach party, music is the key to creating a sense of Latin culture. Argentinian cumbias make great dance music, along with salsas and merengues and modern Latin hip-hop. A good drink to serve at a South American beach party is the Brazilian caipirinha, a refreshing drink made with cachaca, sugar, and lime.

Caribbean Theme

A Caribbean-themed beach party needs steel-drum music and a limbo pole. The best drinks to serve are tropical cocktails, like fruity margaritas, rum punch, daiquiris, and mojitos. Palm fronds make great decor, and so do images of flamingos, parrots, and tropical fish.

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