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7 Ways to Increase Customer Response Rates!

Do you own a lawn and landscape business? If so, you want to advertise in a way which is cost-effective, hassle-free, and generates the highest response rates possible. Here are seven ways in which you can increase your customer response with your landscaping flyers and direct mail brochures:

1. Know your target area! The importance of this cannot be overlooked. Focus on the areas that are more than likely going to produce positive results. A little research can go a long way in helping you to know which areas you should focus on.

2. Be direct and “to the point” in your advertisement. This is your one shot to persuade the reader to contact you instead of choosing a competitor.

3. Offer a special discount or bonus service with your direct mail advertisement. This helps you obtain more results and track response rates. Always be very specific as to the terms of the offer and actual customer savings.

4. Include contact information for your company. Mention the days of operation, business hours, and phone numbers and website details. Make it easy to do business!

5. Create a logo. A landscape-themed logo will provide customers with information about your company at a quick glance. For example include a lawnmower, flowers, or home in your logo.

6. A full color advertisement will always outperform a black & white ad in the lawncare and landscape industry. People want to see beautiful colors, and wonderful landscapes. Avoid gloomy or “cheap looking” black and white ads. Full-color, glossy direct mailers give people the impression that you are professional and provide excellent service.

7. Do something unique. Ask yourself, “What makes my company special?” It can be a very creative logo, a catchy motto, or a landscaping flyer design unlike most others. The main thing you want to do is to separate your advertisement from all of the others the person may be receiving.





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