Flower PotAbout me and gardening as a sport!

In my youth, I had a Victory garden during WW2. My parents and I were very poor, but we were lucky enough to have a very productive garden with limited critters. Later in life I took my gardening prowess even further and began growing Marijuana in my yard (BIG MISTAKE!). I got caught, but that is a story for another day! Later on, I became vegetarian and grew vegetables for the food co-op. It was great fun. I had the City deliver all of its leaves to my yard and we had years of compost, along with the neighbor’s horse manure we had veggies-a-plenty. Now in my retirement, I have a very small plot, with soil like rock!…The critters are amazing, and now for 3 years we have very few vegetables or fruit. It is a state of WAR! We are losing. But, I hope this website will offer you a venue and the inspiration  to work out your own challenge and experience Gardening as a Sport!

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