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What Stonemasons Do

What stonemasons do is to shape irregular pieces of rock and make accurate structures. They use levels, gauge lines, and a plumb bob in order to set the vertical and horizontal alignment of the structure they are doing. They also layout foundations and wall patterns with the use of rules, staked lines, and a straight edge. Other tools that stonemasons use are chisel, hammers, and power grinder in order to make rough or defective spots smooth and to repair cracked or chipped stone, they use a blowtorch.

When building monuments, the stonemasons first need to remove from the truck bed, the parts of the monument, then guide it to the foundation using hoist, cranes, or skids. With a stone composition mixture, stonemasons will also make structure parts.

There are many types of stonemasons.

A quarryman extracts stone from a quarry when he splits sheets of rocks down their vein.

These rough chunks of stone are taken and shaped to meet the required size and shape with the use of diamond-tipped saws by a sawyer mason.

A banker mason further shapes the rock into the required size and shape of the building design. The goal of the banker mason is to ensure that the stone is positioned in the building in much the same way as it was positioned in the ground.

The artistic ability of the carver mason is used to create designs and patterns in or from the stone-like figures, animals, or different designs.

With the use of different forms of epoxy resins or cement, a fixer mason fixes stone permanently onto building structures. Because of the required precise tolerances and working at high altitude this position is a highly dangerous and skilled one. A fixer mason will use a tackle lift system in order to manipulate stone pieces that are very heavy.

Gravestones, statues, and memorials are carved by a memorial mason.

It is usually outdoors that a stonemason works. Hard hats and caution is extremely important in this job because it is relatively hazardous. There is great physical demand for this work and during bad weather, there are fewer contracts because of the outside work they do. Because of the advancement in masonry technology, stonemasons can already work outdoors no matter what the weather condition is.

Working as a stonemason is doing hard labor since you are required to climb scaffolding, use hammers and chisels, and spend the whole day kneeling, bending, and lifting heavy material through rough terrain. Often, stonemasons are contracted privately and are given a time schedule to follow. In order to keep their deadlines, stonemasons sometimes have to work overtime or during weekends.

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