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Image from page 130 of “Vegetable gardening. A manual on the growing of vegetables for home use and marketing” (1905)

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Title: Vegetable gardening. A manual on the growing of vegetables for home use and marketing
Year: 1905 (1900s)
Authors: Green, Samuel B. (Samuel Bowdlear), 1859-1910
Subjects: Vegetable gardening
Publisher: St. Paul, Webb publishing company
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: The Library of Congress

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ze. The raising of onion sets is carried on to a large extent insome localities, and it is a crop that requires much skill inhandling. Sandy soil of rather inferior quality but free fromweeds and in fine tilth is best for this purpose. To keep thesets from growing too large, it is customary to plant fromthirty to fifty pounds of seed per acre, and not plant it until thelatter part of May. This treatment crowds the seedlings so ONIONS. 127 that they cannot grow large. In sowing the seed, it is best togo over the rows with the seed sower three or four times, sow-ing only a part of the seed each time. This spreads the seedout in wide drills and permits of more even w^ork than wouldbe possible were it attempted to sow all the seed by going overthe rows once. If onion sets grow too large it is often almostimpossiole to use them for any purpose, since they are toosmall to sell well except for pickling, and the demand for thispurpose is very limited. On this account, if it is feared the sets

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Fig-ure 52.—At the left: onion plants as dug-. Ontherig-ht: onion plants trimmed and ready for transplanting. will grow too Krge, they are pulled when of the proper size, evenif still quite green. The further cultivation of plants for sets isthe same as for a field crop of oniohs. The sets should be takenup in August, or as soon as ripe, with a rake or onion set puller.When dry they should be stored, tops and all, about four inchesdeep, in a loft, where they should be covered with a foot of hayor straw on the approach of hard frost and left until wanted forplanting in the spring. In other words, they should be kept 128 VEGETABLE GARDENING. frozen aii winter. Treated in this way they will require to becleaned in the spring, and this is done by rubbing them in thehands to loosen the dirt and tops and then running them througha fanning mill. After this they are run over a screen with athree-fourths inch mesh, and only those that go through it aresaved for sets. This work of cleaning ma

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