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Image from page 22 of “Biggle garden book; vegetables, small fruits and flowers for pleasure and profit” (1908)

Image from page 22 of

Identifier: bigglegardenbook00bigg_0
Title: Biggle garden book; vegetables, small fruits and flowers for pleasure and profit
Year: 1908 (1900s)
Authors: Biggle, Jacob
Subjects: Gardening Vegetable gardening
Publisher: Philadelphia, W. Atkinson Co.
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: The Library of Congress

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if they have a good bed.—Tim. OTBEDS should be locatednear an outbuilding whichcan be warmed and used fortransplanting work. It isalso an advantage to havethem near the water supply,unless the water is piped tothe beds. A southern aspectis desirable and the frames should run east and west,with the glass sloping to the south, says R. L. Watts. The pit for the hotbed should be dug in the fallbefore the ground is . frozen. It is not necessary inPennsylvania to excavate to a greater depth thanabout two feet four inches. The pit should be sixfeet wide and long enough to accommodate the num-ber of sash to be used. It should be lined with heavyboards, preferably chestnut, nailed to chestnut orlocust stakes. If the ground is level, the frameshould extend twelve inches above the surface of thesoil on the upper sideand six inches on thelower side. This willprovide for the properdrainage of water fromthe sash. In making theframe, it is best to havetwo or three sash at sectional view of hotbed

Text Appearing After Image:
20 BIGGLE GARDEN BOOK hand, so that no mistake will be made in the meas-urements. Cross-bars or sash supports, 2×3 inches,are placed three feet apart where each two sashmeet. Locate the hotbed in a well-drained spot. Fresh horse-manure, containing a liberal amountof straw or other litter, is the best material to fur-nish heat in the hotbed. If manure is saved fromthe home stable, it should be collected and preservedunder cover. It requires about one two-horse load forevery two sash. When sufficient manure has beensaved, or procured from liAery stables, tramp com-pactly into piles about five feet square and three feethigh. In three or four da3S, or less, considerableheat will be generated b}^ fermentation, and themanure should be tramped into another pile, throw-ing the outer portions into the center of the pile.AMien fermentation is well under way in the secondpile, throw the manure into the pit in successive layers,tramping continuously. Fill the pit to within four orfive inches of t

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