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Image from page 27 of “1915 Griffith and Turner Co. : farm and garden supplies” (1915)

Image from page 27 of

Identifier: 1915griffithturn1915grif
Title: 1915 Griffith and Turner Co. : farm and garden supplies
Year: 1915 (1910s)
Authors: Griffith and Turner Co Henry G. Gilbert Nursery and Seed Trade Catalog Collection
Subjects: Gardening Equipment and supplies Catalogs Agricultural implements Catalogs Seeds Catalogs Bulbs (Plants) Catalogs Vegetables Catalogs
Publisher: Baltimore, Md. : Griffith and Turner Co., 1915
Contributing Library: U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library
Digitizing Sponsor: U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library

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Text Appearing Before Image:
it. Pt., 15c. Qt., 30c. Pk., $1.75. Bus.,$6.00. FRENCH CANNER.—Height, SVi feet. Tlie celebrated Pea usedin France by the canners. It is wonderfully prolific, bearing anabundance of long pods, containing 7 to 9 peas of excellent flavor.Pt., 15c. Qt., 30c. Pk., $1.00. Bus., $3.50. HERBS -Sow in .spring in shallow drills, one foot apart, and whenwell up thin out or transplant to a proper distance. MABJOBAK ANISE bash; BENE, use medicinally BORAGE, excellent for bees. CARAWAY CHERVIIi CHICKORY Pkts. 5c. 5c., 10c. 5c. 5c. 5c. 5c. 5c. Oz.13c.10c.15c.15c.15c.10c.25c.10c. 4 lb. 40c.25c. 40c.25c. I-b.$1.25 1.25 CORIANDER Dtl.1, I.AVENDER FENNEL (Sweet) ROSEMARY, an aromatic herb. . . . SAGE (American) 5c. SUMMER SAVORY Pkts.5c.5c.5c.5c.5c., lOc.5c. 25c. 1.00 THYME (broad-leaved En-lishK 5c., 10c. Oz. A lb. Lb. 10c. 25c. $1.00 10c. 25c. .70 15c. 40c. 1.25 10c. 25c. 35c. 50c. 1.75 25c. 40c. 1.50 lOc. 40c. 1.2s 25c. 75c. ALt PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. 24 GRIFFITH (a TURNER CO. ^

Text Appearing After Image:
PEPPER or CAPSICUM Is cultivated mainly for pickles; used as a seasoning in many ways; sometimesmedicinally. Sow seed early in hotbed, if possible; if not, select a warm place inthe garden for seed bed; sow as soon as the soil is warm. Transplant when 3 or 4Inches high, in rows 18 inches apart. I on no Dnll nn Rilll Nnco Plant vigorous, compact, very productive, ripeningLai yc Dell vi Dull I1U9C its crop uniformly and early. Fruit large, with thick,mild flesh, of excellent quality for use in salads and pickles; color bright red wlienripe. Pkt., 5c. Oz., 20c. % Ito., 60c. Lb., ?2.00. Dnhu Uinit An improved American variety often four to six inches in lengtlxnllUy IMIiy and quite symmetrical in shape. It is very bright colored and theflesh is sweet and mild flavored. Pkts., 5c. and 10c. Oz., 20c. % Ito., 60c. Lb., $2.QtMaot Mniinfain Plants very vigorous, of compact, upright growth. The fruitOWCCl IVlUUIIIalll does not ripen until very late. It is very large and lo-g, ofteneight inches

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