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Image from page 286 of “The art of landscape gardening” (1907)

Image from page 286 of

Identifier: artoflandscapega00rept
Title: The art of landscape gardening
Year: 1907 (1900s)
Authors: Repton, Humphry, 1752-1818 Nolen, John, 1869-1937 American Society of Landscape Architects
Subjects: Landscape gardening
Publisher: Boston : Houghton, Mifflin Company, Riverside Press)
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irregular outline of an ancient castle, the eleganttracery in the windows of a Gothic church, or the har-mony of proportions and the symmetrical beauty ofa Grecian temple. Of the three distinct characters, the Castle, the Abbey,and the House-Gothic, the former of these appears bestcalculated for Bayham [Plates xxi and xxii]. Yet, asthe object is not to build a castle, but a house, it is surelyallowable to blend with the magnificence of this characterthe advantages of the other two, as well as the elegance,the comfort, and the convenience of modern habitation.It may be urged that the first purpose of a castle isdefence; that of a house, habitation; but it will surely beallowed that something more is required than the merepurposes of habitation. An ordinary carpenter maybuild a good room ; a mechanic, rather more ingenious,may connect a suite of rooms together, and so arrangetheir several offices and appendages as to make a goodhouse, that is, a house sufficient for all the purposes of

Text Appearing After Image:
I ~. Theory and Practice 213 habitation. But an architect will aim at somethinghigher; he will add to the internal convenience, notmerely external beauty but external propriety and char-acter ; he will aim not only to make a design perfect initself but perfect in its application. Where the lawn, the woods, the water, the wholeplace, and the general face of the surrounding countryare on so extensive a scale the only means of preserv-ing the same character is by extending the plan of thehouse also. How can this be effected unless we adoptthe Gothic style of architecture ? In Grecian or modernbuildings it has been considered an essential part ofthe plan to conceal all the subordinate appendages ofthe mansion, such as the stables, the offices, the garden-walls, etc.; and why? Because they neither do nor canpartake of the character of the house; and the onlymethod by which this extension of site is usually ac-quired in a Grecian building is by adding wings to thehouse. Thus the same mistak

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