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Image from page 55 of “Biggle garden book; vegetables, small fruits and flowers for pleasure and profit” (1908)

garden book; vegetables, small fruits and flowers for pleasure and profit" (1908)">

Identifier: bigglegardenbook00bigg_0
Title: Biggle garden book; vegetables, small fruits and flowers for pleasure and profit
Year: 1908 (1900s)
Authors: Biggle, Jacob
Subjects: Gardening Vegetable gardening
Publisher: Philadelphia, W. Atkinson Co.
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: The Library of Congress

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when the stand is assured. Thedistance apart to thin depends upon the variety; forhints on distances, consult the chapters on vegetables. Irrigation.—In regions of normal rainfall, arti-ficial watering of gardens is seldom practised ornecessary. Cultivation, under normal conditions, con-serves sufficient moisture for the average plantsneeds. In California and some other states, irrigationis a necessity. Folks who need to practise thismethod should write to the U. S. Department ofAgriculture, Washington, D. C, and ask for free 52 BIGGLE garden BOOK Farmers Bulletins Nos. 46, 116, 138, 158 and 263.Twould be impossible, here, to give full informationon this subject. But a few general hints are inorder: If you must water plants, etc., or if theseason is so abnormally dry that regular rainfalland cultivation does not suffice, remember that onegood soaking is worth many surface sprinklings.Endeavor to apply the water toward evening, andcultivate (or mulch) the surface as soon as possible

Text Appearing After Image:
DIFFERENT KINDS OF HOES ON A HANDYNOTCHED RACK the next day. If the water supply is limited (and itusually is), do not apply it to the surface but in fur-rows opened alongside the plants (as directed underhead of Liquid Manure in this chapter), then, whenthe water has soaked in, cultivate the soil back intoplace. Do not sprinkle water on plants when the sunis shining hot. Dont think that you can irrigate abig field with an ordinary wind-mill outfit—it takesa tremendous quantity of water to soak even oneacre. HINTS FROM EXPERIENCE Sharp hoes make short work. Carry a file and apply itoften. Learn to use a hoe so as to leave the ground sniootJi.Keep hoes clean. Do not mix lime with fertilizers, nor wood ashes withhen manure. Why? Because the valuable ammonia (aform of nitrogen) would thus be set loose and would escape. FERTILIZATION. CULTIVATION. IRRIGATION 53 Hen manure is good for the garden, but it is verystrong and should not be applied too freely nor in contactwith the roots. In f

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