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Image from page 56 of “Lawns and gardens. How to plant and beautify the home lot, the pleasure ground and garden” (1897)

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Identifier: lawnsgardenshowt00jn
Title: Lawns and gardens. How to plant and beautify the home lot, the pleasure ground and garden
Year: 1897 (1890s)
Authors: Jönsson-Rose, Nils
Subjects: Gardening Landscape gardening
Publisher: New York : G. P. Putnam
Contributing Library: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Digitizing Sponsor: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

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isely abovethat station. Adjusting the instrument in a level and ver-tical position, we point the arms in the direction of B,where a flagstaff has been placed previously, and bringthe hair-sights to bear on the staff. Now it is easy tocount the number of degrees between the blue point ofthe needle and the line indicated by the direction of thetwo arms of the compass. The angle is noted in the field-book, we measure the distance from A to B with a tape-line,and shift the instrument to B and proceed in the samemanner there. More often the instrument is placed onlyon every other station, and the length and degree of the twolines are taken from that point, as B and E in Fig. 10. A Implements. 37 whole plot of land may also be measured from one centralpoint in the manner shown in Fig. 11, the length of thediagonal lines being measured with a tape-line and theangles noted on a rough outline drawing in the field-book,afterwards to be drawn to a scale with the help of compassand protractor. c

Text Appearing After Image:
FIQ. 10.—HOW TO MEASURE A SMALL PLOT OF LAND BY MEANS OF COMPASS. The compass is also used in fixing curved stakes forwalks and drives as seen in Fig. 11. In this case the anglesand the length of the diagonal lines must be plainly markedon the working drawing, and some central point should beproperly located, as the station A in the diagram which is 38 Implements. ten feet from the corner of the building. The compassbeing adjusted the needle points as usual due north, wefix the needle with the capstan pinion and set the arms ofthe compass to 60°, stake out the line, and measure thedistance, 18 6 to a, where a stake is driven in, and so onuntil the curve is fully marked. Any object may be locatedin the same manner, such as shrubs and trees, flower-beds,the outlines of hills and rockeries, and so forth. <&© V^» ^ Wo-s ^ V,. /° -_ * I I/ , — X /–,! h-v V.r^- —« N*

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