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Image from page 64 of “Biggle garden book; vegetables, small fruits and flowers for pleasure and profit” (1908)

Image from page 64 of

Identifier: bigglegardenbook00bigg_0
Title: Biggle garden book; vegetables, small fruits and flowers for pleasure and profit
Year: 1908 (1900s)
Authors: Biggle, Jacob
Subjects: Gardening Vegetable gardening
Publisher: Philadelphia, W. Atkinson Co.
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: The Library of Congress

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Text Appearing Before Image:
ction, have non-corrosive brass workingparts, be durableand able to standhard use, beeasily taken topieces for re-pair, have pipesproperly arrangedto prevent clog-ging, and be pro-vided with anagitator whichkeeps the solu-tion in vigorousmotion and thoroughly distributed. Judging a pumpby cheapness alone is likely to be poor economy. Nozzles : The Vermorel nozzle is very popular;so are several other makes that I have tried. Themain thing to demand is a nozzle that will throw afine mist, like steam, which settles on the plants likedew. A sprinkler, resulting in much drip uponthe ground, is not wanted. And, too, a good nozzleshould not clog easily, and when it does clog itshould be quickly cleanable. (Note: All sprayingmixtures should be strained before using, to pre-vent clogging the nozzles. A box, with the bottomand top knocked out, will make a frame for astrainer; a brass-wire mesh—eighteen or twentymeshes to the inch—can be securely tacked aroundthe bottom to complete the job.)

Text Appearing After Image:
A FOUR-ROW COMPRESSED-AIR MACHINEFOR LARGE AREAS 62 BIGGLE GARDEN BOOK HINTS Never spray strawberries, etc., when the}- are in blossom. Fungicides are not cures, but preventives. Therefore,such spraying should begin early in the season. Poultry: Harriet says that hens do not belong in all thegarden, nor all the garden in the hens. Either fence in thegarden or the biddies. Ants: These do no real harm in the garden; whenfound on plants or trees they are after lice. Ant nests inlawns or walks may be destroyed with hot water, bisulphideof carbon, or kerosene. Earthworms or angleworms: As a rule these well-knownwrigglers do good rather than harm. They loosen andaerate the soil. Applications of lime will drive them awayif they prove to be a nuisance in any special instance. Rabbits, groundhogs, etc. : In some localities, bunny isa decided menace to the garden. He likes a nibble of thisor that, and hes always hungry. The same applies to ]Ir.Groundhog and some other animals. A good preventiv

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