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Lawn Service Prices – What’s Included  

Most of us have a lawn that we maintain ourselves but sometimes circumstances arise and we need to hire someone to take care of our yard for us. There is no difference in the questions that need to be asked when taking into consideration of hiring a lawn service compared to hiring a plumber except the subject to obtain Lawn Service Prices.

Our yards can be just grass, it can have trees in it that drop leaves, we could have bushes in or around the yard that require trimming, there may be flower beds that need weeding, or perhaps architectural features may be part of your yard which alter the mowing patterns and take longer to mow. The yard maintenance process is rather easy but can be time consuming depending upon the size of your yard, the contents within it, and what exactly do you want done and how often you want it done.

Think about each step in the process that you do and then apply that knowledge in creating the questions that you will want to ask the lawn service company. They will probably be using their own equipment (edgers, weed eaters, rakes, brooms, mowers, etc.) and of course their own vehicles to travel to your home. The Lawn Service Prices that they will provide to you will take everything into consideration, so should you. They will have time, labor, fuel, maintenance, possible insurance, licensing; if they remove debris there may be a cost involved with that process as well.

In addition, when thinking of the services that you may need done think in long term as well. Such as, will you need spring and/or fall cleanup; will you need them to chemically take care of your lawn via fertilizers and weed killers? Will there be any larger obstacles that may require removal prior to them rendering their services and can they do the removal (and replacement if necessary)?

Pricing may vary from company to company, but in today’s market the average weekly price is about $35.00. This price is for the basics only, for additional services there will probably be additional fees added. Some companies may have an expense calculator on their website that can assist you in obtaining more on Lawn Service Prices in your area. By simply asking your neighbors who already have a yard service, calling companies in your area and finding answers on the internet you can get the most for your time and money.

Just remember what types of lawn maintenance you do and when you do them and then ask the lawn service if they can and will do those same processes for you. As in all services, there is a basic fee, there are fees for extra services and there are package deals. Most lawn service companies will do most or all of what you need done. Don’t be afraid to inquire about all of the services they provide and the corresponding pricing as you don’t know if and when you may need them. Bottom line, the simpler the yard the less out of your pocket you will pay.




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