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In many parts of the world, you will find that the common source of food production is farming. For farming to take place, there must be cultivation and various farming methods involved. In the recent past, you find that there have been introduction of new farming methods due to the technological advancements. Machineries are nowadays used in the farm to cultivate crops and also other chemicals and fertilizers are used to enhance their growth. The main methods of farming used in the past were traditional methods and were also effective.

However, there are other traditional farming methods that are being considered in the modern world despite the fact that many countries are adopting new technologies.

Organic farming is one of the oldest ways of farming that is still widely used by many farmers. Organic farming is basically the farming system that uses ecologically based pest controls and biological fertilizers which are usually derived from animal and plant wastes and not forgetting the nitrogen-fixing cover crops. Organic farming relates well with economics as well as the environment since there are various benefits attached to it. The good thing about Organic farming is that it is less costly as you have readily available fertilizers unlike modern where you have to spend heavily on buying fertilizers. The other economic benefit of Organic farming is that it is highly profitable. The profits come in from Organic farming since you use little or no money to purchase the fertilizer but rather you just collect from the animal shade and still harvest high yields and sell them at a profit.

Organic farming does not only relate well with the economy but also the environment. There has been a lot of exposure of environment to hazardous farm chemicals and pesticides hence to reduce this risk then Organic farming can be the best strategy. When a farmer sprays chemicals on the farm, it becomes health hazardous to the people since they may contaminate the air we breathe causing diseases.

The other environmental benefit of Organic farming is that it build healthy soil for many years. Healthy soil is key since they determine the quality of the food production you get and also the yields from the farm. Not only Organic farming build healthy soil but also helps to prevent soil erosion from occurring.

To reduce the effects felt on global warming, you need to practice Organic farming. Organic farming has really helped in reducing the global warming effect caused by the improper farming methods. The other environmental benefit of Organic farming is that it helps to support the water conservation and water health.

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